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Everything you need to plan a cannabis friendly vacation or event is right here.

You Want to Travel to Colorado, But there's a Problem...

1) Finding 420 info is hard and misleading

2) No one is clear about what is "legal"

3) You never received a guide

4) Cannabis regulations change frequently

We know what it's like to plan cannabis friendly adventures without a guide. Does confusing come to mind? If it does, don't worry. We've got you covered. From venues, transportation, chefs and wedding planners, we will make your planning process as easy as possible.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our site is easy to use which means it's easy to find what you need fast... but not too fast, we know you're high.

Select your city

Find the location you want to visit and what vendors are in that area.

Find Vendors and Businesses

Whether you need to eat, sleep or party we've got you covered.

Plan and Book

Easily create an itinerary or book vendors through direct links.

Join the 420 Community


Looking for recommendations on what to do? That's what we're here for. As a community, Lit Destinations offers advice when it comes to hiking, dining, adventures and more. Want to join the conversation and get real-time advice from Colorado locals and Lit experts? 


Free Local's Guide to Steamboat Springs

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Our Mission:

Give you the power and resources to plan an unforgettable and stress-free vacation or event. We've hand picked our favorite companies so you know you’re getting trusted and high quality service.

With these vendors at your fingertips, you are one step closer to planning that perfect event, romantic honeymoon, fun dinner party and so much more. The sky is the limit, and we’ll shine the light so you can always find your way.

Happy Planning!

-Gabby, your travel guide.

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