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Welcome to the Lit Destinations' Mission Statement! 

This statement continues to be a living document since it evolves and changes as time moves on. Like anything else in this world, places change, people change and growth comes along with it. 



  1. Reader First

    1. Our readers want good, reliable information. This is my number one priority. I am working hard to research and guide others to a great and safe time.

    2. The question I need to always be answering yes to is: does this provide value to our reader?  

  2. Transparency

    1. We believe in honesty, authenticity, and transparency. ​

    2. We will be honest with our readers even if the truth doesn't feel great (but we're all adults, so we can handle it). 

    3. I will not give you advice without checking first. It is my job to make sure the information I'm providing is accurate. If I don't know something, I'll tell you up front and look into it! Once I find an answer, I will get back to you. 

  3. People over Profit

    1. I want to showcase amazing women owned businesses that are vital to the community and our economy. ​By focusing on the female entrepreneurs, I am doing what I can to bring more attention to their amazing talents and growing companies. 

  4. Educating the Public about Cannabis

    1. As an educator myself, I know how important this is. I want to continue to give the public access to reliable information and real life experience. ​

    2. We are here to help, not prescribe. I am not a medical profession and do not claim to be one, especially for cannabis. I am a woman who has used the plant for 15 years, researched, studied and spoken with professionals giving me a greater knowledge on the topic than your average user. However, you should be consulting a doctor if you are curious about adding cannabis to your daily routine. 

  5. Gratitude

    1. We strive in showing our gratitude and giving back. I'm so happy to be able to meet amazing people, learn new things, see new places, (make a few mistakes along the way) and pass on my knowledge with more amazing people. (Rinse and Repeat). ​

    2. We will take measures to educate our readers about important issues surrounding tourism in Colorado and relevant areas. 

    3. We will always be grateful for the opportunities given and strive to pay-it-forward. 

  6. Taking Responsibility

    1. Tell me if I've made a mistake. I need to know if you've had a bad experience with a vendor, road trip, motel, (fill in the blank) I recommended. My goal is to give you the best and trusted resources. If that is not the experience you had, tell me. This is again part of the learning process and seeing who stands up to our requirements and who falls short. 

    2. We will be receptive to critique. Despite our best efforts, we are human and can make mistakes. Don't be shy, we can always learn more and grow from it. 

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