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shuttles & transportation

Ensuring you and your guests arrive safely and on time is so important. These companies all rate highly in professionalism, value, quality of service and response time. 


Denver, CO

Although this is not for transportation, this mobile consumption space is set up to be the smoking section of a venue that does not allow smoking. It is set up inside with 12 enails with staff members to run that portion of the event for the host. 21+




Denver, CO

Simply put, Loopr offers the best vehicle for touring the city and enjoying in any way. Serious consumers can choose to indulge with custom bongs, dab rigs, enails, bubblers and other equipment.


High End Transportation

Denver, CO

All of our tours are created with our guests in mind. From our luxury transportation, to our knowledgeable staff, High End Transportation makes sure that nothing is overlooked. All of our tours are 100% legal, safe, discreet and memorable. High End Transportation has the behind the scenes look at Growhouses, Dispensaries, and Extraction Labs!

Know Before You Go:

Here at Lit Destinations, your safety is our #1 priority. That's why we always encourage all of our travelers and event planners to book a shuttle service to ensure a safe ride. 

If you are the driver:

Did you know that you have to keep your proof of purchase if you have weed in your car? Well, you do. Make sure to hold on to that receipt and place the weed in the glove compartment or trunk. Essentially, the weed should be stored in a place outside of the "passenger area" of the vehicle and out of sight. 


  1. Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal, even if your state is legal, that will be considered a DUI in Colorado. 

  2. Smoking, vaping, or consuming cannabis in public places is illegal.

  3. If you have cannabis, it's more than 1 oz and you have no proof of purchase, it could be seen as intent to distribute or sell which is also illegal at both state and federal levels. 

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Are you a shuttle service?

Please get in touch with us to see if you can be added to our vendor list! 

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