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Meet Gabby 

1 year ago I quit my cubical, 9-5 job, put a desk in my kitchen (sold my kitchen table, who needs one?) and took off on my journey to create a 420 travel and event guide. Today, I share my knowledge and research to make sure you travel safely and courageously.




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Hey you! I see you're back for more tips and tricks before that hike next weekend? Ok! I got you. For updates on hikes and other adventures, check out our facebook group and Instagram!

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Ladies! We all have plenty of shoes yet we always can use another pair (am I right?). It took me years to find some reliable, comfy and cute shoes (cute for hiking standards)...but I finally found them! After miles of sore heels, dozens of rocks in the shoe, some splashes that resulted in soggy socks, I've learned. I've learned what works and what is a big fat waste of time and money!

Thank goodness Scheels has a great return policy (along with REI). However, no one enjoys having blisters all over their toes for weeks because their shoe was slightly too tight. The worst was when I went to Portland, Oregon to visit my friend Tori. I bought a new pair of hiking boots a few weeks prior and broke them in on the trip. Ummmm, yeah, that was a HUGE mistake! The first hike we did sucked major a$$ and killed my toes. Ouch!! My feet were immediately covered in blisters and made the entire week pretty uncomfortable... who am I kidding, it was f*cking awful! Well, let's be clear, the trip was fun, exciting and full of adventure. My feet just hated me the whole time... I think you all know what I mean.

Luckily Tori was almost the same shoe size as me so I borrowed some old boots she had. Thank God they worked, even with all my toes individually wrapped with moleskin... MOLESKIN the NUMBER ONE thing you should always have with you. They are your new-best-friend if your shoes are giving you issues. I pitty tha fool who WAITS until the blisters are created (yes, like I did). Put it on before hand, especially if your shoes are new. Again, basic stuff, but I didn't do it, so I'm hopin' and prayin' to save your feet in the future. 

The shoes that I finally came across that have worked really great our my Salomon hiking shoes with full ankle support. I don't want to sound like an old lady here (get ready for it) but I need more support around my little tree-trunk ankles without looking like moon boots. Hello flash-backs of the cartoon Arthur

My OUTLINE MID GTX shoes are pretty sweet. Completely water proof, great traction and comfy once they're broken in (I had some sores for a few weeks when I first got them). Again, I prepared better this time with my moleskin. See, I'm learning from my own mistakes!

These boots are great for those rocky trails and NOT MEANT for paved surfaces. You will rub down the traction very quickly if you use them on regular cement, plus it feels weird. If you want running shoes, these are again not for you. Girl, the mountain trails are where it's at! I love these boots because I can go into dirt, snow, water, rain and mud and my feet remain dry. Now, I'm not swimming with the beavers, but I am putting my feet in ankle deep without problems. No puddle will defeat me!!


This is the perfect type of trail for my Salomon boots, not a flip-flop kinda day at all.

Estes Park, CO July 2020


My little Osprey backpack has gone everywhere with me! I can't leave without it anymore. 

Israel, July 2016



AUGUST 14, 2020


We know, there's a lot of great campgrounds to pick from in Colorado. Are you a glamper or more like off to the wilderness-diggin-a-hole kinda camper? We've got options for both. Spectacular views, jaw dropping...

My second MUST HAVE is my Osprey backpack. I know they have all kinds of sizes, but I really like the little one (yes, it's not everyday you hear me say that). This pack holds a large water bladder, extra pair of shirt/shorts, snacks, your camera and (you guessed it) moleskin including scissors! Heck yeah! I call this my two day bag, I can't remember if I made that up or it was really named's been a while and I'm high while writing this. Let me explain why I call it this. When I was in Israel, I needed a bag that could hold 1 change of clothes, pjs, water, some food and my camera. Which this did, perfectly! 

So many people on that trip OVER PACKED like crazy. I get that they were a bunch of city kids from New York and New Jersey, but damn! Who needs 50 lbs worth of clothes for a two week adventure vacation? Either way, I did not pack like a newbie and my Osprey pack was an essential item for me. Now I take it on day hikes all the time and never run out of room. ONLY downside is the nozzle is sometimes leaky. I've only had a few mishaps, but it was annoying. 

We have now come to my THIRD essential item. These little cutie are my Chacos water shoes. However, these are not your typical Aunt Jerry's Chaco with all those straps, boy shorts and Hawaiian shirt. You know the ones. My chacos are more of a hiking flat with closed toes. See them in the picture, bottom right. These were great for low impact hikes, 6 hours walking downtown and on small excursions. I wore these with my bathing suit to go rafting, changed into a summer dress and could change into hiking gear without swapping shoes. They really can be used for multiple occasions and attire. Again, I'm not like Aunt Jerry, I won't wear them to your wedding, but you get my point. #VersatileAF.

My fourth item would be my Rainbow flip flops. These are so comfortable and also very cute. Don't get them too wet or else your feet will be red from the leather (plus it dries the shoes out). I also made sure to get the thick sandals verses the thin ones. I can walk over rock, gravel and sand so much easier without feeling every pebble along the way. 


Yes, this is my 96 year old Grandma in her wheel chair (my sister Lisa is the one pushing her with a big frown on her face) as we try to figure out the best way to get around this snow drift and fallen tree. Handicap accessible they said...

Estes Park, CO July 2020

This next one might sound obvious, but JESUS as my witness people still forget and it's upsetting. Ok, so here it is: REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE. I know, like I said, it should be obvious. 

Please help reduce the enormous amount of waste we use, especially when it comes to disposable, plastic water bottles. This is something that (in my opinion) should be outlawed by now. However, we live in a free world, just a really dirty, trashy world - if we keep up this rude behavior. If you need water, please bring water especially in high altitude! But for Jiminy Crickets, buy a nice jug like something you can get from Yeti or be like be and get one for $15 at Marshalls! Hello! This is so easy and a no brainer. That's why I'm confident knowing that you, the reader, are sitting at your standing desk right now sipping some tea in your reusable cup laughing at me. I figured, but I had to remind the others. You understand. 

My last item that I encourage you to pack is sunglasses! We all know that person that doesn't believe in wearing shades, and I'm telling you, your eyeballs will burn! For me, I've been kicking Zeal Optics (the Kennedy, Tracker, Emerson, Brewer and others). If you're curious to why I have so many Zeals, it's because I worked at the Boulder office for a year and collected them. 

My favorite pair is The Kennedy. For my face, they fit perfectly and look the best. I have a round face and big head, so finding sunglasses is always a challenge. My second fav is the Tracker. Not as stylish, but they provide the most protection, full shade and stay put. Again, not great looking, but who cares when the wind is blowing and the sky is bright! I need to see! 

I've got way more favorite destinations, hiking gear and fun place to visit. Check out our facebook group and Instagram!

  • Lit Destinations FB Group
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